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Infusions & Injections available to established Mankato Integrative Medicine patients. 

We are not a walk-in infusion center. All IV & injection patients will need to establish care. 

Immunity IV


This is a blend of multivitamin complex + Zinc + Vitamin C. It is used to boost immunity, improve energy, assist with liver detoxification & fight infections such as the common cold or bacterial infections. This IV is helpful during infectious illness especially viral illness like the common cold, influenza or mononucleosis. It is also a good IV to use before and after surgical & dental procedures.

Inner Beauty IV


This blend of vitamin C, vitamin B complex and biotin is targeted at supporting aging skin, acne, hair loss and chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Get Up & Go IV


Get Up & Go IV is a blend of B vitamins & amino acids that is designed to help with improving metabolism by speeding up fat loss and supporting muscle gain. Get Up & Go can also help speed up recovery after intense physical exertion such as marathon running and triathlon competition. Other common uses are for rebuilding strength after prolonged illness and reducing muscle pain in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Myer's Cocktail IV


The Myer's Cocktail IV is a blend of high-dose vitamin C, vitamin B complex, methyl B12, magnesium and calcium gluconate that is designed to help with treating viral infections and boosting immunity before flying or surgical procedures, chronic fatigue and recovery from high stress, healthy aging and promote recovery after demanding activities such as marathon running or triathalon competition.

Glutathione IV

  $75 for 1000 mg

$100 for 2000 mg

$125 for 3000 mg

Glutathione is a potent antioxidant required to quench free radicals that damage DNA and create inflammation. Glutathione is often used for conditions of chronic inflammation such as inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid and other arthritic conditions, metabolic syndrome, healthy aging, and to help the body recover from illness and detoxify.

Magnesium Sulfate IV & Injection

 $75 for 1000 mg

$100 for 2000 mg

$35 for 1000 mg injection

Magnesium sulfate can be given by infusion or injection to help with correcting magnesium deficiency, relieving migraine & tension headaches, high blood pressure, muscle tension, muscle spasms and asthma.

MICC Weight Loss Injection

$25 for 1 injection

$200 for 10 injections

MICC is a combination of the amino acids methionine, inositol, choline & cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12). MICC is used to help with lipolysis (fat burning) and improved body composition. This blend can also be helpful for improving energy, stamina and mental clarity. 

Vitamin D 50,000 iu Injection


Vitamin D injetions are used to quickly correct a vitamin D deficiency found on lab testing. In general, most vitamin D deficiency can be corrected with oral vitamin D supplementation, but on occasion vitamin D supplements may be poorly-tolerated and injections are needed on a routine basis.

Vitamin D injections are only administered with proof of deficinecy on recent lab testing and never blindly given without knowing a current vitamin D blood level. 

Vitamin B12


Injections of either methyl-cobalamin or hydroxy-cobalamin are available in 1000 mcg (1 mg) doses. Higher or lower doses available upon request and based on your needs. Mankato Integrative Medicine uses single-dose vials so that products are free of preservative. 


Methy & Hydroxy B12 injections can help with:

* Correcting vitamin B12 deficiency

* Treating certain types of anemia

* Energy production

* MethylB12 is used as a co-factor in synthesis of neurotransmitters 

* MethylB12 is used as a co-factor in detoxification


$50 - 100/month depending on dose

Male testosterone levels have been declining over the past several decades. This is likely due to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our environment and diets high in refined sugar. Other causes can be due to aging, gonadal injury or other endocrine pathology. 


Insurance rarely covers testosterone replacement unless levels are dangerously low (< 300 ng/mL). Many men live with levels below what is considered normal for their physiologic age causing muscle loss, increased belly fat, erectile dysfunction, low mood and low energy. A small dose of testosterone can greatly improve well-being and vitality. 


* Thorough laboratory testing is required for all testosterone prescribing at the time of initial work-up and at every 3 months. Failure to follow protocols will result in discontinuation of services.  If laboratory values do not confirm need for testosterone replacement therapy, it will not be initiated. This service is NOT used for increasing testosterone when levels are normal such as for body building. 

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