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Meet Lisa VanWatermulen

Family Nurse Practitioner

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Welcome! I am the owner and practitioner at Mankato Integrative Medicine.

My journey from conventional to integrative medicine started when my own son, who was three at the time, started having digestive health issues in which conventional medicine disregarded as "normal." I knew there was an underlying connection between his digestive issues and lack of weight gain between the ages of 2 & 3. The experience opened my mind to the world of natural healing. 


This became a turning point in not only in my person life, but also in how I wanted to practice health care moving forward. You could say that I had “drank the proverbial "Kool-Aid" and there was no going back to the conventional world of medicine for me.

My journey took another turn when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism in 2015. Thyroid, hormones and the endocrine system became my area of focus in the journey to heal myself. 

I am doing it my way because I feel that in order to identify true root causes, I need to know a patient very well and that simply cannot be done in a 15-minute office visit allowed by insurance.  Over the 90-minute new patient visit you will be asked about your health and your life from birth up to today. We will work to find the underlying triggers (there’s always more than one…) to your health condition and figure out the steps to bring you back to health and restore your vitality!

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