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Frequently Asked Questions

What is integrative medicine? This is an approach to health & wellness that integrates both the science of conventional and ancient tradition of natural medicine, also referred to in more recent years as Functional Medicine.  Functional & Integrative Medicine sees the patient as a whole (body, mind, spirit & environment) whereas conventional medicine relies on stringent algorithms treating all patients the same based on a diagnostic cluster of symptoms. Integrative medicine looks at a patient individually trying to find the root cause to HOW and WHY a health condition occurred in YOU. Integrative treatments utilize both conventional medicine and natural elements of the earth such as foods, herbs, and nutrients to bring the body back into its original balance.

Do you process insurance? No, we are not a Medicare or Medicaid provider and do not process any commercial insurance. Many of the services provided are not recognized by insurance. Upon request, you can be issued a “Superbill” with E & M and CPT-10 coding that you can submit to insurance independently to pursue out-of-network reimbursement.

Do I still need a primary care provider? Yes, I am transitioning my practice to that of functional & integrative medicine only and am no longer providing primary care. You will need to keep your local primary care provider.

What kind of treatments do you use? The foundation of all treatment plans is a healthy diet, we may also use special diets either restricting or adding certain foods based on your individual symptoms, test results and diagnosis. We also use GMP, 2nd-party certified supplements, lifestyle changes or prescription medication to treat your imbalance. Stress management and daily habits are cornerstone to restoring health and maintaining wellness. We will seek the gentlest way to help your body restore balance along with the least invasive treatment possible.

What type of testing do you do? We will use a combination of both conventional laboratory testing and specialty testing with functional medicine labs.  Removing insurance billing from the picture, the conventional lab testing will be a fraction of the cost as with an insurance provider. Diagnostic imaging is NOT done on site and this will be ordered as an outpatient with your primary care clinic.

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